Athletic Supporter

Hudson Taylor has formed Athlete Ally, a website to encourage all athletes, coaches, parents, fans, and members of the sports community to take a pledge to support and respect all those in sports, regardless of their perceived or actual orientation, gender identity, or expression.

ATHLETE ALLY PLEDGE: “I created the Pledge so that we, as an athletic community, can take proactive steps to end homophobia in sports. When we inspire entire teams and athletic departments to commit to a new standard of athletic integrity, we will change the environment in locker rooms and on playing fields. Adding your name to the growing list of supporters is the first step to make a difference.”
— Hudson Taylor

Athlete Ally website, here.

4 thoughts on “Athletic Supporter”

  1. Hello Again,
    For sure, making gays and all G L B T feel welcome and comfortable is so important. With even “job discrimination”, maybe the person can find another job at any time. However, with young athletes, they need to start young and be active early on. So, the bullshit REALLY does damage–as it frequently could/does cost an entire career. This is so sad to realize. When Billie Jean King knocked out Bobby Riggs, it was a great day for all of us. I think he said “women belong barefoot and pregnant”. The message that came out of that Tennis Match told a different story.

    All of you are doing such a great job. I enjoy reading your decency and wisdom. Again, Mike Martinez, whom I think is our leader, is great. I am not sure how the last thought works, as I am new with all of you.
    Anyone is free to discuss by E Mail js121840 and I am at Hotmail.





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